Jennifer Bagley has many different bootcamp and training programs available to businesses who wish to increase their sales teams results, organizations who wish to build larger memberships, non-profits who wish to compete and win funds, companies focused on decreasing sales cycles, increasing referrals and improving profits. Below we have outlined just 2 of many different bootcamps and training programs she has designed and implemented. All of her programs typically address the following

  • Mindset – changing the attendees mindset, removing roadblocks, addressing objections, etc. right up front – so they can listen and learn throughout the rest of the program
  • An understanding of time, money, resources, relationships and technology and the role they plan on our everyday lives and ability to achieve maximum results
  • Off line strategies – Also referred to as referral marketing, street marketing, old-school marketing, etc.
  • Online strategies – Also referred to as digital marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, new-age marketing, etc.
  • The relationship, dependencies and interoperability between on and off line strategies
  • Clarity in what their goals are and how to define them
  • Focus – the ability to eliminate wasteful activities and focus on high-leverage activities that accelerate results
  • Execution strategy – the final execution strategy
  • Evaluation & refinement practices


  1. Leveraging Technology to Convert Time to Cash

  2. Show up, Suit up and Participate in love, life and business.

  3. Sales Supply Chain Strategies

  4. Achieve Accelerated Results

  5. Change Your Thinking Change Your Results

  6. Success Is A Results Contest

  7. Accelerated Results In Love, Life and Business