12 StepRoadMap Orientation Training with Jennifer Bagley and Diane Conklin
May 8, 2014
Brian Marques with SER-National and SKOOLnet on Achieve Accelerated Results Radio Show
May 11, 2014
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Strategy, Coaching and Marketing Implementation with Jennifer Bagley

Step 1: Session 1: Strategy, Coaching and Marketing Implementation with Jennifer Bagley
The Pulling Power of Clarity = Vision
An authentic vision motivates, provides the power to change your behavior and set benchmarks for success. The Speed of Life and What you Believe
You need to cultivate an attitude of willingness to change help you better navigate the reality of change.

Baseline in 2014
Responsive Website & Blog
Mobile App & Text Campaign
Strong Social Media Footprint

Without clarity you will resist the strategic change necessary to obtain what you really want. Those who have clarity do not feel as stressed or rushed.
Maintain your personal agenda in hard times. Your agenda, values, and goals are critical to becoming a high achiever.


Web Design
Fan Building
Email Marketing

Define your What, Why, Purpose and Vision
Time Matrix
KSS Doing
High Leverage Activities
“You don’t know what you don’t know. Without strategic guidance, most people just keep doing, therefore they continue repeating the same results.”
Jennifer Bagley