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April 3, 2014
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Speaking Event at the Grapevine Rotary Club

Jennifer Bagley Speaking to the Grapevine Rotary Club on Sales Supply Chain Strategy. Jennifer Bagley is one of the most in-demand Sales Supply Chain Speakers and Strategists. Click here for a free consultation If you are interested in learning how to utilize a CRM solution. Jennifer is known for her engaging and entertaining style, as well as, her mastery level knowledge of the Sales Supply Chain – including Technology, Strategy, Behavior and Collaborative Marketing Strategies. She has held executive positions with Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama and Fossil – providing leadership in the area of compliance, supply chain, collaborative partnerships, logistics and operations

Her audiences rave about her ability to provide immediate value to businesses seeking to accelerate their results. Jennifer is an authorities at getting results and have committed their careers to studying and developing business best-practices to help others master collaborative business, digital marketing and sales supply chain strategies.

Many seek to understand and benefit from, social media, web, search engine optimization, digital marketing, video and sales force automation – however, without having a complete understanding and comprehensive implementation of The Sales Supply Chain process, attempting to achieve profitable results is futile – even from those providing the services or teaching individual strategies.

Jennifer Bagley is the co-founder of The Association of Sales Supply Chain Professionals and Consulting, is the Vice President of Strategy for Mothernode CRM and ERP and is the President of 2 Digital Marketing Agencies. She has been speaking professionally for over 15 years.