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Sexy With No Boundries

From Hong Kong, to Italy, to Canada, to United States, Hidi Lee believes that no matter where she works, she faces the same kind of person: the one that is confused and insecure of her own body.

Having been a lingerie designer for 24 years, Lee believes this lack of confidence is due to the false body perception that is often implemented by the mass media. Lee argues against what she calls the “old school sexy” which she sees as prevalence of a curvy body or dressing provocatively. In Sexy with no Boundaries: Discover the Art of being Sexy–Mentally, Physically and Professionally, she promotes what she labels “Sexy in the New Millennium”. Being sexy isn’t just about skin-deep beauty. It’s about aligning the physical beauty with inner qualities such as mind-set, happiness, self-love, sense of humor, and confidence to complete what is the true meaning of “sexy,” from the inside and out. Let her show you how.

She believes that this “one day” is approaching us sooner than anybody thinks. Now is the time to speak for love, generosity, kindness, integrity, and peace. And her dream is contagious.

“Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and completely fall in love with what you see?”

Lee and her contributors join forces to inspire individuals to realize that sexy is size-blind, age-blind, beauty-blind, gender-blind, religious-blind. We are all sexy and beautiful in our own way. Her ultimate goal is to turn the once confused and insecure individual to receive massive success filled with confidence and sexiness.