Brian Marques with SER-National and SKOOLnet on Achieve Accelerated Results Radio Show
May 11, 2014
12 Step Roadmap Training: Step 1: Session 2: Marketing Implementation
May 15, 2014
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12StepRoadMap Training Online Marketing Strategy with Jennifer Bagley


Be strategic and intentional about everything you do. Not haphazard. Your brand, visual appearance, attitude, persona, and materials matter. Be presentation ready at all times.

Your positioning either converts, confuses or attracts new customers.

Who’s the Author for your business and what is their reputation online?

Project / Tasks VS Lifestyle / Journey

Reference Step 1: Session 2 – What do you want? What is your vision? Do you have clarity?

We love ours… not because we are making money, but because we are making a positive impact, we love giving back to others and we love making deals and connections happen.

Most of all we love helping winners WIN MORE!

Eliminating the negative and increasing the positive is key!