At times, companies find themselves falling victim to the curse of confirmation bias, wherein all of their ideas and activities have taken place inside a certain structural paradigm for so long that it is not easy to escape these informal, yet rigid, constraints on the imagination. One of the best ways to shatter these self-imposed limitations is to employ the services of an outside business strategist.

This outside pair of eyes and ears can often shed a great deal of illumination onto those seemingly intractable problems with a fresh approach. Often, it is not the problem itself that defies solution, but that a company’s past successes have hardened into an orthodox approach to solving all manner of difficulties, which may not apply in some instances.

Business strategist Jennifer Bagley has been providing that fresh approach to companies for years. In addition to her many personal consultations, Jennifer has also authored several books and articles on the art and science of problem solving. She has served as both a formal keynote speaker and a highly-regarded inspirational voice at many conventions and industry gatherings.

As a result of these efforts, not to mention her many stints as a guest expert on radio and television, Ms. Bagley has gained a tremendous amount of insight into numerous different industries. While there are similarities that all businesses have to face, she knows that there are also wide fields where the peculiar demands of a specific industry require more closely-tailored solutions that defy commonly-held methodology.

In all things, Jennifer understands that there are organizational priorities that can be of exceptional value. Doing the right thing at the improper moment often leads to worse results than doing nothing at all. It is this fusion of timing and targeted change that renders her approach so effective and in such high demand.