September 15, 2014
14th Annual Northwest Marina & Boatyard Conference
October 23, 2014
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Dallas Keynote Speaker

So… Last week I received a message from one of my fav clients and service providers – Blake Crenshaw with www.WeScanFiles.com.  He said a colleague of his was in a bind and needed a Dallas Keynote Speaker that could do a breakout session for the CCMC Conference at Plano Convention Center.

Psst…. I highly recommend you connect with Blake for Scanning Services, he is someone you want in your back pocket as a strategic partner.

Luckily my schedule was open so I filled the position – They had a native Dallas Keynote Speaker that had agreed to do a break out session (this typically means they want a high end speaker with no fee :-)).  If it’s local and convenient, I will always try and help out…. This is why.  Getting notes like this make my eyes water :-).

Blake… thank you for the note and for being an amazing strategic partner.


Getting a positive comment or testimonial from a client is great, everyone will agree.
Although, getting a positive comment or testimonial from a client about a referral you gave them….. EVEN BETTER!!!!!
Background: One of my best clients called me in a panic because an event She was coordinating had a Speaker pull out on her at the last minute. My client asked me if I could help her in anyway I could. I was booked but I told her that I would do whatever I could to help…… Quickly I shared the dilemma with my wife Debbie Banks Crenshaw, Debbie knows how important this client is to us so I leaned on her for advise on what I could do. Without hesitation she said contact Jennifer Bagley, see if she could help or knew someone who could….
So long story short, this is the message I got from my Client today,
“everything went great. Jennifer did terrific. Super, dynamic speaker. The participants loved her. Thank You Blake!!!!!”

Thank You Jennifer ! Thank You for taking care of my client!!!!!!


If you need a Dallas Keynote Speaker and I’m available… I would do the same thing for you.

By the way, after they heard me speak, they invited me back next year to be THE paid Keynote Speaker. 🙂  Always do what’s right and always do your best.