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12 Step Road Map

In this webinar, Step 2: Session 1 of the 12 Step Roadmap to accelerated results, Jennifer Bagley welcomes her special guest Tammy Kling as they expound on how to convert content to cash.

Tammy KlingTammy Kling is the Director of Communications at CI Web Group. She has written more than 104 books for clients and created content for websites, proposals, white papers, eblast marketing to the sales funnel, and magazine articles. Working alongside corporate marketing and internal teams,Tammy edits marketing materials to target specific objectives and consumers. Tammy writes content for corporations across the globe, and has worked with small, medium and large businesses including the NBA, First Command, Medstar, Viverae healthcare, Dial corporation, American Airlines, Lulumon, Wrigley, the Knowledge to Action foundation in London, and many more.


You know Jennifer Bagley’s favorite quote. “Show up, suit up and participate!” Turn up your volume and visit with Jennifer as she discusses Content and Communications with Tammy Kling.