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August 19, 2014
August 23, 2014
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Blog Post Quality Review Tool

Blog Post Quality Review Tool

Looking for a tool to Evaluate your Blog Post Quality. Check out this Blot Post Quality Review site. http://www.atomicreach.com/

Everyone knows that content MATTERS online and is one of the most significant pieces of any marketing plan whether it’s email newsletters, SEO or social marketing.

The Quality of your Blog Posts Matters

Choosing your focus key phrase, a niche that prospects are looking for and developing a quality Blog Post is critical to your success. It is far more important to have a handful of quality blog posts than a large quantity of posts not designed with care?


Are you curious how to create quality blog posts? You need to be…


If yes, then you will want to use this tool to evaluate the quality of your content and make the necessary changes to improve it, before it get’s submitted to your email newsletter, SEO or social media teams.


Your audience deserves content written for them. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that they will love your content before you hit publish?

Instructions: Paste or type your title and article. Choose your audience, then press “Score” to see how your article analyzed. Optimize your article against your target audience by tweaking it based on our feedback. Continue to optimize and score your content until you’re happy with it.

We want to help brands, publishers and bloggers drive greater engagement by optimizing their digital content for their audience before they hit publish.

The platform sits at the heart of your content marketing and publishing process. We help you optimize your content for your audience so you maximize performance on all the platforms.

You should consider the following elements when creating a post.


Audience Elements


  • Readability: Make sure your content is available for your audience, set to “follow” on your page, and readable by a Google web crawler (“robots.txt” file, no tabular data (i.e. tables) and listed in your site-map file)
  • Emotions is broken down into a few different areas.
    • Impact – Your content needs to be stimulating language to engage your readers. Your content will have impact, but using more exciting or engaging language will have better performance.  Your content will excite and engage your audience.
    • Force – Make sure your content is clear and is emotionally influencing. You want your audience to find your content emotionally influencing.  Drive people to take action.
    • Polarity – Make sure your content is original.  By producing content your readers will like, you can become a leader in your niche.  Your content should evoke strong positive or negative (depending on your approach) emotions from your reader. Readers are more likely to read beautiful content and pass it along / share it, if it emotionally engages them.  You can become triumphant in your niche.


Structure Elements to Write Quality Content for your Audience


  • You need to choose ONE focus or niche key phrases and make it the theme of the entire article, using multiple variations or supporting words throughout your text.
  • Your article should be between 500 and 1500 words.
  • Your focus key phrase should be the first couple words of your title.
  • You should use your focus key phrase at least once every 100 words.
  • You should front-load your focus key phrase at the front of titles, heading tags and your meta description.
  • You need to ensure your focus key phrase is included in your permalink, towards the front.
  • You should link keyphrases in your content to other pages or posts within your site as a reference.  Such as how to write more blog posts or website design requirements.  Ensure you don’t have any broken links… test, test and test again.

Linguistic Elements of a Quality Post


  • Avoid Grammar Issues – Google will penalize you for grammar issues, as will people.
  • Avoid Spelling Issues – Google will penalize you for spelling issues, as will people.
  • Check your content evaluation using a content evaluator to ensure quality blog post content for your audience.

Don’t forget to check out the Blog Post Quality Review Tool or install their content analyzer plug-in. http://engagerlite.atomicreach.com/